This Spring Break will be different. Montevista SC is embarking on a one-week service project to Monterrey, Mexico. We will be assisting a Catholic parish in running a day-camp for the children of the parish and encouraging families to participate in Holy Week services.

Information Details
Cost $325 (travel, room/board, etc)
Transportation By Greyhound Bus to Monterrey, Arawaks van locally
Lodging “Club Arawaks” at Sillares Center in Monterrey
Church Santa Filomena whose Pastor is a well-known friend
Donations Please ask relatives, friends, and work colleagues for donations of children’s clothes, toys and money as Santa Filomena is a Catholic parish in Santa Catrina close to Monterrey that provides the sacraments and Christian formation to poor families.


# Items to bring
1 Proof of citizenship: Passport in good standing (check the expiration date)
2 Work clothes including hat
3 Pair of nice pants and collared shirt for mass
4 Hiking clothes and shoes
6 Toiletries
7 Any necessary medication
8 Sleeping bag (** towels, pillow, etc. will be provided **)


Name :*
Date of Birth :*
Address :*
City :*
State :*
Zip :*
School :*
Year in school :*
Personal Phone :*
Contact Email :*
Parent's Phone :*
Parent's Email :*
Spanish skills:*
Who recommended this program? What attracts you to it?
Would you be interested in teaching English during your stay?
Are you in good physical condition? Can you do long hikes? Are you scared of heights?
Do you have any dietary needs or health issues?
Do you have a valid US passport(must be valid 6 months from March 2018)?
Total amount: $325.00*
Deadline for applications: March 4th 2018
*The installment price will be slightly higher

Full payment

Installment plan
Due* Amount
At checkout $82.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3) $82.00 USD
Total $328.00 USD
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